Friday Favorites.

Marc Jacobs Vintage Rugs Antelope Canyon Arizona

1) 2015 New York Fashion Week with Marc Jacobs 
     The last bow for NYFW came from Marc Jacobs this year, with the designer streaming the show live online. In my opinion, the collection was excellent; 12 minutes of shine, sheer, and sparkle adorned models (close to 50? I lost count), trotting down the runway in topknots to Clint Mansell along with the Kronos Quartet’s “Southern Hospitality.” It was a solid show that would make Diana Vreeland proud. 

Image via Marc Jacobs 

2) Vintage Rugs in Kitchens from Door Sixteen
     I feel like I keep seeing this – rugs that are normally for dining, living, and bedrooms, now showing up in kitchens. I dig the idea but wonder if they’ll work in all kitchens. Personally, it seems to lend itself nicest in kitchens that get a lot of natural light, but maybe I’m wrong!

Image via Door Sixteen

3) Antelope Canyon in Arizona
     I’m planning a weekend trip to Arizona and am hoping to make it to Antelope Canyon. The canyon is located on Navajo land and primarily consists of an upper and lower slot canyon. Looks incredible!

Image via Pinterest

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