Friday Favorites.

A quick collection from other bloggers, publications, and retailers, here are a few of my favorite discoveries from this week!

Friday Favorites 2/6 Vogue Peonies Blitz London Vintage Praline Chocolate Anthropologie

1) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Annie Leibovitz, Feb 2010 from Vogue
     So many memorable photos have come from Vogue over the years, all of which are available in the magazine’s online archive that spans from 1892 to today. Subscription to the archive collection is required, however, last year, the magazine published a few transportation related photos that I’ve been going through lately.

Image via Vogue 

2) February Lookbook from Anthropologie
     I love the new looks from Anthropologie. Lots of color and pattern, it just screams, plan a vacation and start shopping for it already!

Image via Anthropologie

3) Almond Praline Chocolate Rochers from Gourmande in the Kitchen.
     One of my favorite cooks, food blogger, and food photographer, Sylvie, posted this recipe a few days ago. I follow Sylvie on Instagram and am constantly in awe of her beautifully photoed recipes. I’m planning on making these chocolate treats next week!  

Image via Gourmande in the Kitchen

4) Peonies, Peonies, Peonies!
      We’re just about in the growing season for one of my favorite flowers, the peony! Can’t wait to have these beauts back in my home. Style Me Pretty Living has some great arrangement ideas for peonies that are worth a try come spring! 

Image via Pinterest 

5) Vintage Shopping at Blitz London from Vogue
     Vogue declares Blitz London, “The world’s largest vintage warehouse” in it’s online city directory, full of the secrets behind where the magazine’s editors shop. Blitz London carries vintage clothing, accessories, and homeware as far as the eye can see. This place is definitely on my must visit list, and it should be on yours…

Image via Vogue 

6) Easy Homemade Ramen from Damn Delicious
      I’ve made quite a few dishes from Damn Delicious and none of them disappointed. I do enjoy ramen and this recipe makes me want to try making it myself. I agree with Damn Delicious’ sentiment – homemade is always best!

Image via Damn Delicious 

What did you find this week? Let me know in the comments below! 

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