It’s a Smoothie Day!

 Banana Spinach Pineapple Smoothie

Smoothie days are the best days at our house!

This Green Drank is a quick and easy to make. I’ve had it for breakfast countless times and sometimes even after a small dinner to keep me full, curb my sweet tooth, and to get those last minute veggies and fruit servings in. 

This recipe is super adaptable, which I love. For the most part, in terms of ingredient quantity, I throw in what I have on hand – so it really never tastes exactly the same, but somehow DELICIOUS every time. Now off you, make this smoothie now! And please tell me about your favorite smoothie recipe in the comments section…my blender is ready.

Quick Green Smoothie
3-4 servings
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  1. 6 oz non-fat yogurt (vanilla or plain)
  2. 2 cups water
  3. 3 handfuls of spinach
  4. 2 sliced bananas (frozen)
  5. 1 cup diced pineapple (frozen)
  1. Add all ingredients to blender. Blend away! Once at desired consistency, pour into glasses and enjoy :)

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